Cleaning out the cupboards

cupboardFor some reason, fall is the time when I’m inspired to clean out my cupboards. Back to school, back to sweaters and socks, back to cooking warm and hearty foods, baking cookies, muffins and bread, homemade pizza, these are the foods we forget about during the summer. I’m also inspired to be creative and try new recipes using the foods that I discover in my kitchen cupboards and freezer.

I was brought up not to waste food, so I’m constantly packing things away in my freezer, or saving the last 1/3 bag of beans (I actually found a bag of forgotten dried bean mix during my recent cleaning). I’m also guilty of buying the same item, forgetting I already have it, thus the three boxes of graham crackers I discovered.

So, my goal for the next few weeks is to try to focus on using what we already have in the house, to see how well I can feed my family with the food we already have. I also really need to defrost my ‘defrost free’ freezer, so I have an added incentive.

I’ll be using a variety of resources for inspiration – my own cookbook collection, but also, I’ll be checking out the limitless options on-line, featuring the ingredients I have on hand.
This will be an interesting journey for me and my meat eaters!!

Cleaning out the cupboards

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Cleaning out the cupboards

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