Just the right mood for Christmas with #MyCANVAS Holiday Collection from @CanadianTire

The holidays are a great time to set a warm and welcoming mood in your home. But sometimes it feels impossible to find the time to shop and the confidence to put things together in an appealing way. This year, I decided to do all my Christmas décor and entertaining shopping at Canadian Tire. Yes, that’s right. They have a new Canvas Holiday selection that you won’t believe. And the prices are fantastic.

With everything sorted by theme, they make it really easy to coordinate and mix and match things that suit your individual style. The hard part is trying to narrow down your selection as everything is so beautiful. I would bring it all home if I could!


I love to feed people, so I focused first on my dining room.. While I have regular dishes for every day, I wanted something special to use for the holidays. I found these fantastic CANVAS Skyler Stoneware Dinnerware set.

2015-11-11 16.51.59

2015-11-11 16.56.04

It’s so pretty and is appropriate for any kind of entertaining, from casual brunch, to formal dinner.

When picking a theme, it’s helpful to pick something that you love. For me this year, it’s all about the Penguins! They are so lovely.  These CANVAS silver plated Penguins are so versatile, and fit in well with my silvery theme. I have them here as a table decoration, but I can easily put them on the mantle or on my side buffet.


2015-11-11 16.51.54

I am budget conscious, but I want nice things. Sometime you need to be creative to get both. Instead of a tablecloth, I created a nice accent runner using this CANVAS silver burlap ribbon. The burlap provides a nice contrast to the glittery silver on the edges and provides an elegant but rustic touch to the table, without taking away from the table settings.  And don’t forget to place a few tree ornaments to add some colour. Such an easy touch – you can then put them on the tree later, or feature them in jars and cloches.

Using glassware for multiple purposes is such an easy thing to do. I filled mine with clementines, because I love them, and they are nice to snack on after dinner. No only do they cleanse the palate,  peeling them releases an amazing citrus smell. You should try this. It’s a fun unexpected way to eat your centerpiece.

2015-11-11 16.51.37

My goal was to decorate the entire room, not just the table. So here’s a simple idea for a window treatment. Since my windows are bare, these CANVAS Decorative DIY Wreaths are the perfect thing to dress up the space.

2015-11-11 17.00.28

They are 10” wide, just the right size for my 14” windows. And the pretty red ribbon gives them a nice pop of colour.

2015-11-11 17.05.57

The simplest and easiest way to make an impact is with garland. Check out how this simple CANVAS Magnolia & Pine Garland  adds a fullness to my buffet.

2015-11-11 16.53.10

I added two CANVAS Glass Bird Cloches  with candles. I love how they frame the space. And I can fill them with a variety of items including poinsettias, ornaments, or here, using LED Candles.

2015-11-11 16.53.08

And don’t forget the fun touches. I couldn’t resist these adorable CANVAS Metallic Décor Birds.  They make me smile every time I see them. And I know I will be using them in future for centre piece ideas.

2015-11-11 16.54.22

I’m so happy with the final look of my dining room.  I know my guest will enjoy it as much as me!

2015-11-11 16.56.22

You can find these amazing holiday decorating items at Canadian Tire .  Need more Christmas inspiration? Follow Canadian Tire on Twitter ,Instagram and Facebook for great ideas.


Just the right mood for Christmas with #MyCANVAS Holiday Collection from @CanadianTire

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Just the right mood for Christmas with #MyCANVAS Holiday Collection from @CanadianTire

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