My Canadian Tire ‘Money’ Loyalty Program

Collecting rewards from Canadian Tire just got a whole lot easier. Last fall they introduced a new loyalty program. It’s free to join and lets customers earn e-Canadian Tire ‘Money’ (eCTM) on almost every purchase they make in stores, and at the gas bars. Previously, customers had to pay using cash or a debit card to receive Canadian Tire ‘Money’, but by signing up for the My Canadian Tire ‘Money’ loyalty card, customers can still earn eCTM when they pay with their credit cards.

There’s less hassle as the e-Canadian Tire ‘Money’ is tracked on the card itself, so customers no longer have to hold onto the paper ‘money’. (Paper Canadian Tire ‘Money’ can still be earned if customers pay with cash or debit, but do not use the loyalty card). Customers can also convert any of their paper Canadian Tire ‘Money’ onto their new loyalty card by visiting Customer Service.

To make things even easier, customers can also register for a My Canadian Tire ‘Money’ card by downloading the free Canadian Tire app. To earn eCTM customers just open up their app in-store, and scan their barcode ­– you don’t even need to have WiFi or a data connection to access this part of the app. The app easily keeps track of your eCTM balance and is updated instantly when you make a purchase. You can also keep track of your CTM balance online, and donate your eCTM to Jumpstart.

With the launch of the new loyalty program, Canadian Tire also offers bonus eCTM on select items. You can find out which items have bonus eCTM in the Canadian Tire flyers, in-store, or in the app. Customers can earn up to 25x the CTM on these items.

The new loyalty program from Canadian Tire makes saving money at Canadian Tire stores easier than ever.

My Canadian Tire ‘Money’ Loyalty Program

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My Canadian Tire ‘Money’ Loyalty Program

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