This is what Wickfest 2015 is all about!


If there’s one thing Canadians love more than anything, it’s ice hockey. We live and breath for it. We initiate the love of hockey in our kids from an early age by teaching them how to skate every winter and enrolling them in the local ice-hockey league, hoping they’ll be the next national player. What makes us even more prouder to be the ultimate ice-hockey fanatics is that we have some of the best hockey players in Canada. One such athlete is Hayley Wickenheiser, a globally recognized hockey player who has won 5 gold medals in the Olympics and is labeled the no. 1 female hockey player in the world!  Not only is she a renowned athlete, she’s also an aspiring motivational speaker and entrepreneur who supports the game of ice hockey through the annual Wickenheiser Female World Hockey Festival.


This year Haley will be hosting the sixth festival in Calgary from Nov. 26th to the 29th. Wickfest is not just an event where young women come together to participate in a world-class competition to play hockey, but it’s an opportunity for them to develop their skills as a professional player and make friends along the way in doing so. It’s the perfect platform for young females to indulge in all things hockey and take part of workshops and classes where they get to learn more about playing techniques and how to develop themselves as a professional.

Wondering what happens in the festival?

Over the course of four days, over 1,200+ players compete and connect while building positive female hockey experiences across all levels. Participants range from 8-18 years old and are divided into teams that range from Novice to Midget.

During the festival, teams will take part in workshops including circuit training, sport psychology, and a pancake breakfast! The event also includes a full day leadership program for 30 women, nominated by their team. There’ll also be on on-ice demo from Hayley Wickenheiser and some NHL special guests (past guests include retired NHL’ers Bryan Trottier, Trevor Linden, and Brendan Morrison).

Hayley personally takes part in the festival by participating in off-ice events such as the workshops, allowing young women to approach her to ask questions and get into a conversation about hockey. To learn more about the festival, visit

This festival is more than just a competition or tournament and gives young females the exposure to playing ice-hockey professionally and as a sport. Haley has gone through great efforts to make this an annual function and strives to provide her aid to aspiring female hockey players in Canada. We should in return praise and support Haley and the Wickfest for doing so and to continue offering this platform.


#SupportPrincessMargaret Twitter Party Recap!

#SupportPrincessMargaret Twitter Party Recap!

This is what Wickfest 2015 is all about!

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