3 New Healthy Snacks From McCain

I’m a busy mom, and that means sometimes it’s hard to find the time to cook a meal fresh with ingredients from scratch. There’s no need to judge… moms have to make it work however we can! When your kid is complaining that he’s starving or when you only have half an hour in between to throw something together, it’s often necessary to resort to frozen or prepackaged foods.

That’s why I always make sure our fridge and cabinets are properly stocked with easy to grab snacks. But one thing I CAN do is make sure that those are HEALTHY snacks.

McCain Marché is a well-known favourite brand for easy home meals. They emphasize on fresh, wholesome ingredients that start with good farming practices. I always know that I can count on McCain to feed my family in a healthy way.And now, McCain has brought three new healthy snacks to their already impressive lineup:

McCain introduces a satisfying new way for Canadians to snack with our game-changing McCain Marché lineup (CNW Group/McCain Foods (Canada))

McCain introduces a satisfying new way for Canadians to snack

  • Harvest Pockets: These pockets are baked in a delicious rosemary sourdough bun, and filled with wholesome ingredients. Flavours come in Roasted Chicken, Chicken Alfredo and Three Cheese and Spinach. This is a great source of fiber.
  • Pizza Pockets: Our family loves pizza! And this is a new fun way to eat an old favorite. These baked pizza pockets are made with real cheese and fresh ingredients. Get your pizza fix in Pepperoni, Deluxe, and Three Cheese flavors.
  • Protein Pop’ables: I love that these deliver a healthy dose of protein, with each serving containing 14 – 23 grams of protein. There are 3 mouthwatering flavors of Chicken Parmesan, Jamaican Beef and Italian Sausage recipes. This makes the perfect bite-sized snack for after school, gatherings, or movie nights.

All these snacks are oven baked (never fried!) and never made with any artificial flavours or colors. The recipes are carefully created with a balance of veggies, meats, dairy, and grains in mind. So you can feel completely guilt-free. Let me tell you; this is often times a lifesaver for busy parents like myself. I love knowing that I can just reach into my freezer and pull out a healthy snack that my family will actually love.



We buy the 6 pack so there is enough to feed my son and his friends.

Find these new McCain Marché in the freezer aisles at any grocery store near you!


3 New Healthy Snacks From McCain

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3 New Healthy Snacks From McCain

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