Banana Splits

There’s nothing better than enjoying a cool scoop of ice cream on a hot summer day. Unless of course it’s in a waffle bowl, topped with caramel, strawberry, and chocolate sauces, and hugged by a sliced banana.

One of our family’s all time favourite desserts has got to be the banana split. This year we decided to mix it up, and instead of using classic vanilla ice cream, went with PC’s Cream First Dulce de Leche Ice Cream. It’s super creamy and the caramel flavour adds to the whole banana split.


Our son especially loves eating ice cream out of a waffle bowl. And since it means one dish less I have to wash later, I’m all for it. Plus it is pretty delicious after it’s soaked up some of the ice cream. And the mini bowls are great for portion control.



For toppings our family always goes for the classics: Caramel syrup, chocolate syrup, and strawberry syrup. And the President’s Choice brand syrups are low in fat, meaning I feel less guilty about that extra drizzle.

Caramel-Syrup-presidents-choice Chocolate-Syrup-presidents-choice Strawberry-Syrup-presidents-choice

Standing around the counter, everyone building their own banana split is definitely one of my favourite times during the week. You can never be grumpy or sad while making one, as there’s always plenty of laughter going around. And when they’re done we like to sit outside enjoying the cold ice cream, especially as the evenings are still pretty warm.


Banana Splits

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Banana Splits

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