Delicious Vegan Chocolate Chip Cookies

I’m always trying to teach my son the truth, correcting inaccuracies about his knowledge (Ok, I haven’t burst his bubble about Santa and the tooth fairy, but I think he goes along with the ruse because of the immense benefits attached – what happens when you stop believing?  No more presents?)

I’ve been in a vegan focused stage recently,  trying to create healthy vegan foods that are also tasty.  Yesterday I whipped up a batch of wheat free vegan chocolate chip cookies (basically using oat flour, organic sugar, flax and carob chips).  This was my first vegan cookie adventure, and I have to admit they didn’t look pretty.  Undeterred, I put them on the counter. 

When my son discovered them, he asked if he could have one.  “What kind are they anyway?” .  I replied that they were vegan chocolate chip cookies. He took a bite and found them to be delicious.  These vegan cookies aren’t bad mom, can I have another? 

Now, I know that he doesn’t really understand what Vegan means.  He probably thinks it is a type of ethnic cuisine, similar to Mexican or Chinese food.  And you know what.  I think that is ok for now.  I don’t dare creep in the word “healthy” cause that would ruin it.

My husband, the pickier of the two, spied the cookies a bit later in the day.  Unfortunately, my husband knows what vegan means and declined to taste one – maybe next time I’ll tell him they are Spanish chocolate chip cookies and see how he reacts.

One Bite Rule

One Bite Rule

It’s all in the presentation

It’s all in the presentation

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  1. Hello Veggie

    Oh My Gosh! I can’t believe he didn’t want a vegan cookie! All the cookies I serve up to my animal-eating friends and family love them and are just surprised that they’re vegan. Haha. I’m sure he’ll like them when/if he trys them.

  2. prfctlildvl

    I can’t believe someone else has the same problem that I have. I an not a vegan but I am a vegetarian. I was one for many years and then fell off the wagon when I went into the military as I couldn’t get a fresh salad to save my life. I recently decided that I needed a healthier lifestyle and went back to being a vegetarian and taking a hanful of vitamins every day but I couldn’t talk my family into following my lead. They are still meateaters and so I have to make two seperate meals each day which leads me to eating things like vegetarian refried bean burritos (cause they are soooo easy), boca burgers, salads, etc. I haven’t been that adventurous with my meals yet because it’s just too hard to get the timing right on preparing two seperate meals at the same time.

    Thanks so much for the laugh!

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