Guest Room Reno RX! Design Help for Tiny Room

Help, I really need help to renovate my guest room. It started as a guest room, but the double bed we had in there was so uncomfortable and old, we had to get rid of it. Then we renovated our kitchen so it became a storage room. Now the kitchen is completed (ok, not entirely) and this is still a junk room.  I want it to serve as a TV room/guest room. When we had a bed in there, we rarely used it – and because we never used it when we didn’t have guests, we used to store junk in there as well.The challenge is it is a tiny space. The dimensions are 110 x 86 inches!  It’s like a condo space, but in a house.

Right now, as you can see there is a lot of stuff.


This is the current seating arrangement.


Here is my book collection, and other junk!  And yes, that is my old vacuum cleaner.  Its on the list of things I need to upgrade, but I still can’t decide which one I want!!


Here is my wish-list

  • Pullout sleeper sofa (a sectional would be the best, but this space may be too small)
  • Lighting for the ceiling and the floor.
  • Storage/TV stand – or redo the current hutch that is in there
  • TV
  • Carpet
  • Shelving (for games and books, we have lots of books)

I’m going to be on the lookout for inspiration and ideas for decorating my space, stay tuned.

Here is a great sofa I found at Leon’s  that I think would look great – I love sectionals, but wonder if this may be a bit too large for my small room!

leons sectional



Guest Room Reno RX! Design Help for Tiny Room

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Saving money can be easy with Tangerine #ForwardBanking

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