March break madness – Lunch free

I’m a busy person, and sometimes, cooking healthy meals, and packing nutritious lunches becomes too much to handle.  I love to cook, but the call of the take out menu if often too tempting to resist.  Lunchtime meals present similar challenges.  Coming up with food 5 days a week that I can pack into eco friendly reusable containers can be tiresome. 

So, I admit, one of the motivations for sending my son to a specific march break hockey camp was the inclusion of lunch in the day.  Yes, that’s correct.  There are camps that serve food so you don’t have to!!  I didn’t really ask what kind of food they served.  My little meatetarian will eat most things that were once alive.  And, well, one week of someone else cooking was a dream. 

One thing I didn’t realize was the ‘tuck’ shop access the kids had.  Every day they were allowed to go to the on campus store to buy a treat.  So, in addition to mystery meat, my kid was eating a chocolate bar or chips as well. 

By mid week, I was starting to wonder if I had made the right choice. Sure, my son would return most of my organic, free range meat items almost completely untouched, but at least the few nibbles he took were healthy ones.

By Thursday, I was really concerned when I learned about the pizza eating contest (apparently one of the 9 year olds ate 10 pieces of pizza and won).  Was this the food message I was trying to instill in my child?

But by Friday, I realized that it hadn’t been so bad after all.  Not that I would want to do this all the time, but my week off from packing lunches was quite heavenly.  It was a break for both of us. 

Sometimes, a break from routines (and healthy eating) is good for everyone.

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