The success of the cake pop

popsOk, this isn’t about healthy eating, although, I could argue the point that making a cake pop is about indulging in a restrained manner – they are small, so if you only eat one, that’s not so bad, right?

My most recent baking success came in the form of cake pops, inspired by Starbucks, motivated by the need to create a baked good for my son’s school that would still taste good if make two days in advance (and they do). Food on a stick has been a recurring theme for me, but I am a firm believer that the food also needs to look good, and food on a stick looks good.

Cake on a stick is a relatively easy thing to make. I started with a mini mould and used a brownie recipe, but there are so many other variations you can find online that use a standard cake mix, icing and chocolate. You bake, put the stick in, dip in chocolate, scatter a few sprinkles, and you have a really lovely, appealing treat. I’m proud to say, that the cake pops sold out quickly – who could resist? My next goal is to see if I can recreate the cake pop using my vegan cake and icing recipes. Stay tuned.

The success of the cake pop

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The success of the cake pop

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