Tomatillos from the Garden

I love late summer garden harvests. All that hard work pays off. Ok,  with Tomatillos, there is very little work. These hardy plants grow without any real attention. They can grow quite large, so make sure you stake them against a trellis or something else.


While other plants in my garden didn’t do well (hello zucchinis, where are you!), my Tomatillos flourished.


They look so pretty in their wrapping, like tiny paper lanterns.


Once you peel back the outer layer, you will see the firm, green fruit. Yes, this is a fully ripe Tomatillo, they are green!



I love to make salsa with these fruit. We grill them on the BBQ, with garlic, a jalapeno pepper, then puree everything with some coriander, a little olive oil and some salt and pepper to taste.



This is such an easy plant to grow, I highly recommend you put one or two of these plants in your garden!


Tomatillos from the Garden

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Tomatillos from the Garden

No more broken pasta on the floor!

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