Woods™ Big Cedar Tent Keeps us dry and comfortable #WoodsExplorer

Camping outdoors is a truly Canadian experience.  It is the best way to appreciate the beauty of our country.  One of the best ways to make sure your camping trip is enjoyable is to have a comfortable sleep, no matter what kind of weather you will face.  Let’s face it, in Canada, you can get just about any kind of weather.


Its been a while since we slept in a tent, and so trying out our new Woods™ Big Cedar Tent (4 person) was an exciting experience for us all.


We were impressed at how spacious and roomy the tent was.

Another essential items was the Woods™ Double Airbed with 2-1 pump.  The mattress comes with an AC and Car chargers, so it is really easy to pump it up at the camp site.  It fills up quickly and was really easy to deflate and pack back into the box.

woods air mattress

When we were ready to set up the tent, we took everything out of the bag to make sure we knew what all the pieces were.  This is a good idea, especially if it is your first time putting up a tent.

The key to success is to have two people working together on the set up, and make sure you put the rain tarp on.  You do not want to have to do this while it is pouring rain!  Another tip is not to leave it too late in the day.  As you can see, its a bit dark out by the time we finished putting up the tent.  It wasn’t that difficult to put the tent up, since we were working together, and we got to the site late, so didn’t have a lot of time before it got dark.  We timed it and it took us about 25 minutes, which we were pretty proud of.   The great thing about the rain tarp over top, is you don’t need to stake the tarp, it clips into the base.  Very convenient.  And important.  Because we got heavy rain all night.  But not a drop of dampness in the tent.

This is a really roomy tent and having the air mattress was really great.   The other thing was how quickly the tent dried in the morning.  We draped it over the car first thing in the morning and by the time we were ready to leave, it was dry and only took about 10 minutes to roll back up into the bag.

We were camping with friends who also had a Woods tent that was about 6 years old, and still working amazingly.  They were, however, jealous of our colour scheme – they loved the teal and blues of our tent.

We are planning to camp again this weekend, and I’m hoping that we can beat our 25 minute set up time!  I will make sure to blog about our future success.

You could win the Same Woods Canada Sleeping Bags and Tent by entering the contest below! Good Luck!

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Woods™ Big Cedar Tent Keeps us dry and comfortable #WoodsExplorer

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Woods™ Big Cedar Tent Keeps us dry and comfortable #WoodsExplorer

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