Put ur d*mn phone down + just drive!

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Seriously,  we all need to stop and think about texting and driving, we need to stop doing it.  There is no good reason to text while you drive.  And the worst part is I have done it, you have done it, worse, our children are doing it.  They don’t know how to put down their phones.  We live in a world of FOMO – Fear of Missing Out.

My DH is a role model in this instance.  He yelled at me once for texting him when I knew he was driving home.  He’s right. I just have to wait.  Nothing, I mean nothing is that urgent that you need to check or respond to it when you are driving.

So, let’s work together to make sure no one thinks its ok to text and drive.

Aviva has just launched a campaign and I think it’s worth supporting.

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Go check out the site, share your personal stories and help spread the word at AviaYolo





Put ur d*mn phone down + just drive!

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Put ur d*mn phone down + just drive!

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