Keeping my family fuelled with CLIF Bar.

When my son was born,  I took what was an interest in eating healthy, and pushed it into overdrive.  Instantly, my entire perception of food was changed forever. I became a label reader,  organic product hunter, and passionate home cook.  So, I’m  pretty picky when it comes to feeding my family, but that doesn’t mean I have to sacrifice time and energy to feed my family well, and neither do you!



Keeping my family fuelled

I don’t just want organic; I want to be able to recognize the ingredients too.  Clif is a company that makes a full line of products that you can feel good about giving to your family.  They are organic and most importantly, they taste good!

My son plays football practice after school every day, and he needs to refuel before the two hour practice. I love being able to pack healthy options that also taste good – this one is chocolate brownie – yum!!!.  (Psst. Parent alert – if you put it in their bag, they will eat it!!!!)


I’m also part of the family, and I need to make sure that I’m choosing food that tastes good, and is good for me.  Grabbing a healthy snack before I rush out of the office to drive my son to hockey practice or to my tennis game is important.  This dark chocolate almond sea salt Trail mix bar is really satisfying.  I think everyone should keep a few in their desk.


If you are looking for organic snacks for every member of your family, I would encourage you to try the family of Clif products.  Not only are there no artificial flavours, no synthetic preservatives, whole grains, in their products, but they also support organic farmers.  That makes me feel good!

Clif Kid Zbar

These snacks include use only wholesome, organic ingredients (including Canadian organic rolled oats) that provides kids with nutrious food that also tastes good.


Clif Organic Trail Mix Bar

CLIF Organic Trail Mix Bar is the perfect snack for when you need a lift.  It’s gluten free, organic and you can actually see the ingredients in this product.   Not only is it great-tasting its is alos made in Canada and available in four delicious flavours.


3)     Clif Bar

This is the thing you need for when you need engery, whether you are on a long hike or bike ride, or training for a marathon,  CLIF Bar,  the original energy bar is the choice for you.  There are 10 flavours,  including the new Chocolate Brownie flavour released this year in Canada.

Clif Bars Ecommerce Photography 2016

About Clif Bar:

CLIF Bar & Company crafts energy food with organic ingredients to feed and inspire adventure. Focused on performance nutrition and snacks, the kitchen crafted lineup includes the CLIF Bar energy bar, CLIF energy BLOKS, the new Organic Trail Mix Bar and more. Family and employee owned, the company is committed to using organic ingredients, including Canadian rolled oats, to help create a healthy, just and sustainable food system.

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Keeping my family fuelled with CLIF Bar.

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