Getting ready for High School and Giveaway

Okay, I’ll admit, it took me quite some time to accept that my son is entering high school!  High School! Grade nine is a big transition – a bigger school, a daily commute, and more homework! It’s time to get a bit more serious and try to instill some good study habits.

What little homework my son brought home was often done at the dining room table or in front of the TV (he is a multitasker apparently).  But both places were informal and didn’t set up the proper space to focus on a task. With all the distractions in his daily life, I felt it was important to set up a special space in his room. It’s also time to upgrade some decor in his room; maybe he no longer needs his night light? Could we find a more practical replacement for the green square prince frog chair? You get the picture.

Getting Ready for High School and Room Makeover

We did a review of the room and decided that the room needed some proper upgrading, to include a desk so he has somewhere dedicated for homework, a desk lamp so that we know there is adequate lighting and a BeanBag chair sleeper that also doubles as a bed so he can relax.

We went to our local Canadian Tire to see what we could find – we weren’t disappointed!



Sauder Desk from Canadian Tire.



Desk Lamp

Swingarm Desk Lamp from Canadian Tire


Bean Bag Chair

CordaRoy Beanbag Chair Full Sleeper from Canadian Tire


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Back to School Contest #CTBackToSchool

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Get Ready for Back to School with Canadian Tire

Getting ready for High School and Giveaway

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Getting ready for High School and Giveaway

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