International Pillow Fight Day!

Often when we think about a sleepover, we think about movies, makeovers and of course pillow fights. Invite all of your besties and your kids besties because there is a national day to whack each other with fluffy pillows for fun!

April 2nd, the first Saturday of the month, is International Pillow Fight Day!


International Pillow Fight Day! April 2nd!

On this day there will be massive pillow fights in cities around the world! It is all part of the Playground Movement which for the last 7 years has aimed to turn our cities public spaces into public living rooms where people can play and laugh together. Is your city involved? You can find out by visiting the official International Pillow Fight Day website and if it isn’t you can sign up and initiate your cities biggest pillow fight ever.

Here are some fun (and funny) tips for a successful and safe pillow fight:

  • Dress for the setting! If you are having an outdoor pillow fight fest, be sure to check the weather and dress appropriately! Don’t forget to wear your most comfy running shoes so that you can escape your opponents! If you are keeping things indoors, nothing says pillow fight like comfy pjs and fluffy slippers.
  • Choose soft over firm. Although firm can really knock one’s opponent over, people can also get hurt. Using a fluffy pillow is much safer. Try to avoid feathers, we’ve all seen in the movies what could come if a feather pillow burst.
  • Don’t hit in the face, and don’t hit below the belt. Two places that would definitely exclude one from a pillow fight.
  • Make it a musical pillow fight. Pillow fight to your favourite tunes. Whoever is standing by the songs end wins!

However you celebrate, whoever you pillow fight with – have fun and be safe!



International Pillow Fight Day!

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International Pillow Fight Day!

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