Annual Strawberry Tradition

strawberriesI like to create annual traditions with my son, our own personal traditions that don’t  come with a hallmark card, or mandatory gift giving, candy supplying, flower forwarding obligation – something that helps us mark time and seasons and our life together.

One of my favourite traditions is our strawberry picking/jam making tradition.  And this year, strawberry season began around June 20th.  Of course, I am picky about what we eat, and knowing how much pesticide is used in commercial strawberry production, I will only pick organic strawberries.  We have a favourite place, not too close to town, but worth the drive – it takes only a ½ day to go, pick, eat, relax and come home, but our effort and time commitment is well worth the wait. 

I wanted to go today, but called the update hotline number for our farm (highly recommend doing this with any pick-your-own farm as crop availability can be highly unpredictable) and they were closed to allow the fruit to ripen. They didn’t clarify if this was a short term or long term proposition – so I’ll have to check again tomorrow.

Until then, we will just dream about the incredible taste and aroma of the berries we hope to pick soon.

It’s too hot – final day

It’s too hot – final day

Hot summer vacation – Fish for dinner, everyday!

Hot summer vacation – Fish for dinner, everyday!

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  1. starlit


    i don’t eat strawberries

    but they really look yummy

    btw. your idea of an annual tradition with your son/family is a great idea

    maybe i should start one with my siblings too


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