14 pound Hubbard squash – that’s a lot of soup!

squashWe recently picked up a 14 pound Hubbard squash from a local farmer.  This was a big, beautiful bluish green beauty.  I like this type of squash; it has a great flavor and wonderful texture.  And just in time for school lunches.  My favourite recipe is easy and can be customized to personal preferences.

First, cut in half, clear out the seeds, rub olive oil on cut side, and roast in oven for 30 to 40 minutes, cut side down. I use a higher heat, around 400.  Let squash cool.

Sautee onions, garlic and celery in some olive oil (or butter).  Then, rinse and clean about one cup of red lentils, add to onion mixture, add a few cups of water and or soup stock and boil until lentils are just done.

Scoop out cooled squash into soup mixture, let cook for approximately 15 more minutes. 

Season with salt and pepper (or curry or anything else you like).

I keep mine lightly seasoned to suit my son’s palate.  But this soup is hearty, satisfying (the lentils give it a shot of protein).  I usually make a big pot and freeze the soup we can’t finish in a few days.


Trial and Error, aka the food wars….

Trial and Error, aka the food wars….

Do flax seeds balance out chocolate chips ?

Do flax seeds balance out chocolate chips ?

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