Local Food Week June 6-12 #loveONTfood

We all hear about it, eating locally. How buying your foods from local farmers markets not only helps our Canadian economy but also gives you peace of mind knowing your food is coming from wholesome, reliable sources to feed your family only the best you can give them.

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Finding locally grown food is getting easier all the time and the diversity of what’s offered grows with it every year. All year long you can find a healthy supply of locally produced meats, eggs, dairy and greenhouse vegetables available at your local grocery store, farmers market and more. With spring and summer seasons, the options are even more with fruits, vegetables, and flowers in full season.

Ontario’s 37,000 farm families are proud of the quality and variety of the food they produce – and they’re grateful to Ontarians for buying them.

By buying local, you’re not only getting nutritious, delicious and environmentally friendly groceries – but you’re supporting your neighbours, friends, and the local economy.  Thank you for that!

Help celebrate Ontario’s bounty during Local Food Week. The festivities begin on June 5 so keep checking www.loveontfood.ca for upcoming event details. Show how much you #loveONTfood by July 1st, 2016 and you could be one of five Ontario food prize winners! Check the website for details!

Local Food Week June 6-12 #loveONTfood

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Local Food Week June 6-12 #loveONTfood

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