Cooking beans from dried taste better and cost way less than canned.

I`m not saying I never use canned beans, because I do always have a few cans in my cupboard in case I need them quickly. No doubt cooking from dried requires some effort. However, the effort is really worth it, as you can cook your own beans, from dried, for a fraction of the cost of canned beans. And the taste is much better.

My tip for cooking beans from dried is to cook in batches. It`s not an original idea, but one worth considering.

There are two cooking techniques- one quick soak method for when I`ve forgotten to do an overnight soak, and the other is an overnight soak.


Quick cook – if you need to get those beans cooked quickly, just put them in a pot as you would normally, and cook on high for 10 minutes. Keep your eye out so it doesn’t boil over. Then set your timer and let sit for one hour. Then drain, rinse, add more water and cook.


Standard method- soak beans for at least 8 hours or overnight. Then rinse and drain and cook according to directions.


Once beans have reached desired texture, drain, and rinse and let cool. I then measure out one cup portions and freeze in baggies or plastic containers. I label with the date and name and voila, always have beans on hand for when I need them. My basis stand by beans are chickpeas and black beans, as they are so versatile, but you can pick your own. Bulk bean cooing saves time and money, and makes it well worth it to start cooking your own healthy beans from dried.

#EatMoreStars and Get More Points #GuidingStarsCA #Loblaws

#EatMoreStars and Get More Points #GuidingStarsCA #Loblaws

Cooking beans from dried taste better and cost way less than canned.

Goodbye summer, did I enjoy you as much as I should have?

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