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IMG_1641Are you a tea or coffee person? I’m lucky as I like both!  Tea is  enjoyed by almost every culture around the world for good reason.  Tea is good for you!  It can be healing, soothing, stimulating and comforting.  For centuries, tea has been used as a therapeutic remedy, part of a healthy life.  I recently had the good fortune to attend a Tetley Tea Talks event, styled on the popular Ted Talks events.  It was a day full of interesting and new learning about finding balance and using tea to help.


A big part of the day was focused on Ayurveda and how the practice can help you find your balance.  In Ayurveda, you identify your specific characteristics, referred to as Doshas to help guide how you practice. Simply put, we are dynamic beings, with energy that we can use to live a healthy life.


I did an online survey to identify my Dosha – I’m a Kapha – not surprising to me at all.  As a Kapha, I’m a bit slower, thoughtful and meditative.  I need help to get moving!  Find out what your Dosha is at

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The main event speaker was Yogi Cameron @yogicameron, a passionate, inspirational speaker who shared the importance of finding your way and leading a balanced, fulfilled life. You can watch Yogi Cameron speak  about his journey and finding balance here at

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Chef Lauren Marshall @CoastalHealing  @CoastalHealingprovided an incredible session on how to feed your dosha. Her focus was on how to use food as medicine, to feed and nurture your body.


She also shared some helpful tips for feeding my Kapha dosha


She showed us how to make a simple breakfast porridge, with ground grains like Quinoa, mixed with tea.  What a great way to incorporate the health benefits of tea into daily food.  I think it would also be great to use tea in smoothies (I don’t always want to put milk in mine).  Not only is the porridge easy to digest, it tastes great!


Tetley has just release a new line of Ayurvedic teas specifically blended to help you find your balance depending on your need to  “centre yourself, cool down or a little lift”.  Even thought I’m a Kappa, it doesn’t mean I can’t benefit from the other teas.

Poise – Vata: Cinnamon, Chamomile, Orange Peel – This blend helps with focus and who doesn’t feel scattered some time!  I know this is great for when I’m trying to get work done and need to focus!!!


Vigour – Kappa: Ginger, Spearmint, Tulsi – This one really suits me (I’m a Kapha) and instead of coffee in the afternoon this works to keep me going, without the unwanted caffeine buzz that will keep me up at night.


Cool – Pitta: Peppermint, Hibiscus, Lemon Balm.  Ahhh, perfect for when I need to calm and cool down after a stressful day, or when dealing with an emotional situation.


As if the learning and inspiration wasn’t enough, I also received some wonderful treats, including amazing information on Ayurveda, tea and actual tea.  You know what I’m going to be doing this month!!!


So, as its National Tea Month – go find yourself some balance.  Pour yourself a nice cuppa tea, and enjoy!


Government of Canada celebrates science as part of Canada 150

Government of Canada celebrates science as part of Canada 150

Find your balance with Tetley Tea

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