Getting Road Ready with Oil and Tire Change and #CanadianTire

Yes, it doesn’t feel much like spring these days, but I know its near.  So no matter that the temperatures are plunging, I’m in full spring prep mode, which includes checking out my spring/summer wardrobe, and  getting my winter battered truck ready for the season.  I recently went into Canadian Tire for an auto servicing and found it to be informative, convenient and fast.


I made an appointment for 6 pm on a Monday evening – yes, you heard me, it is like extended banking hours for garage service!  It was perfect for me as I work during the week, and Saturdays are busy with family and sports activities.


Since the Canadian Tire is only 10 minutes from my house, I even had time to get dinner prepped for my family! (they did the cooking – an extra bonus!).  Once at the store,  I opted for the Road Ready Oil Change which included extras like checking fluids, rotating tires, etc. Its worth it to have them look and poke around to see what else is going on.   I also got the synthetic oil vs. standard oil.  While it costs more, it also lasts longer, which means more time between old changes.

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I also had my winter tires removed.  Did you know that if you purchase your winter tires at Canadian Tire, they will put them on each year for free!  What? Why didnt’ I know this?  And they have an amazing selection of tires and will price match as well.  Another new learning was to make sure you purchase tires on the rims, because it  takes only 15 minutes to change them if they were on rims (and if you buy your tires at Canadian Tire, it will be free to put them on each year!!!).  My current winter tires are off rims, which means it takes about an hour and a half to change. I never thought about it, and really, no one ever explained the difference.  Now I know where to go for my next tire purchase.


And while I waited for my servicing, I wandered through the Canadian Tire store, looking at the early spring product line.  Listen, spring is almost here folks – the outdoor garden centre is even starting to get set up.

IMG_8092 (1)

By the way, those aren’t christmas trees, they are spring shrubs, waiting, hoping and dreaming for the spring to arrive.  Just like all of us!



Getting Road Ready with Oil and Tire Change and #CanadianTire

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Getting Road Ready with Oil and Tire Change and #CanadianTire

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