No more broken pasta on the floor!

I finally had enough of my messy kitchen pantry because this was happening too often.



My family loves pasta so we have a lot of it. I think there must have been 15 separate bags in this cupboard shelf, and I couldn’t see what was in any of them.  However, once I looked closer at this pile, I realized that I had about 4 separate bags of the same type of spaghetti, all opened, all half full. This is not helpful, nor efficient.




I decided to purchase these Rubbermaid containers. I like them because they are designed to fit into a kitchen cupboard, so you can maximize the space.



There are also different sizes, so you can fill them with different types and sizes. Some of the bins have one type of pasta, but others include small bags of pasta. This flexibility is good given the type of pasta varies.


I know, this is just one shelf in one cabinet, but I really feel so good about this because I now can find exactly what I have in there, and I don’t need to be a mind reader!


No more broken pasta on the floor!

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No more broken pasta on the floor!

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