Fitness and Teenagers – Is a Gym the right choice?

Every teenager has their own unique path in life. My sweet complicated teen is currently blazing his own way in life.  As he grows and becomes more independent, his interests continue to change. Gone is soccer and swimming lessons. Piano ended in grade six. Hockey, his first true love, is rapidly heading towards the penalty box. He’s found a new love in football, but it’s early days – and soon may be the only sport he plays. So when my son asked if he could join a gym, I wanted to make it happen. He’s not happy about much these days, so I wanted to support this new found enthusiasm. He wants to train to be stronger and faster for football. Good right?


Here is what I’m up against.

  • Location – we live in a big city, he has a long school commute so finding a gym that makes sense and fits into his schedule is important.
  • Age limit – There’s also the age thing. He’s 14 – almost 15. Not everywhere will take him.
  • Family connection – The gym my husband goes to is not open to under 16 year olds, so that won’t work. I don’t belong to a gym. But to be honest. He’s not interested in working out with his parents. He wants to do something on his own.
  • Price – This is a big one. I know that gyms are notoriously expensive. I’ll keep you posted.

So I’m out to do some research and find out how to find the fight gym for my son. I’ll let you know how it goes.

Fitness and Teenagers – Is a Gym the right choice?

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Fitness and Teenagers – Is a Gym the right choice?

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