When is an olive not an olive?

When is an olive not an olive?

I love olives, and usually, so does my husband.  My son, on the other hand, doesn’t like them at all.  He thinks they look and taste gross.  What’s not to like, they are nutritious, rich and full of flavour. I…

Sprouting a love of Sprouts

No matter where you live, how little sun shines through your windows, you too can sprout grains, seeds and nuts. And, it is economical.

You say leftovers, I say Diner Encore

If you are like most mothers across the country, you probably share the same thought every day, “what should I make for dinner? “ I try to cook tasty and nutritious meals, but sometimes, that can seem like a tall…

It’s all in the presentation

I’ve struggled for years with my limited skill in the baking department.  This is only more evident in recent years as I have been obligated to contribute to school bake sales and class parties.  It was only last  year when…

Delicious Vegan Chocolate Chip Cookies

Now, I know that he doesn’t really understand what Vegan means. He probably thinks it is a type of cuisine, similar to Mexican or Chinese food. And you know what. I think that is ok for now. I don’t dare creep in the word “healthy” cause that would ruin it.