Saving money can be easy with Tangerine #ForwardBanking

There are many things I am good at, saving is not one of them. In the past, I have not really looked closely at where all my money goes. But that is going to change. I’m going to start taking a look at my cell phone bills, my cable bill and magazine subscriptions,  how much I spend weekly at the grocery store and my banking fees. Every little bit helps.

Banking fees

I’m starting with banking fees. Did you know that Canadians spend, on average, approximately $200 per year in banking fees? I was surprised, because I’ve never though how monthly fees can quickly grow into a large annual sum. Tangerine offers

  • a no-fee daily chequing account that offers interest
  • email alerts to let you know when your money is transferring
  • free email money transfers
  • free ABM access
  • mobile banking

Currently, these are the only features I use at my bank, but I’m paying monthly fees.


Who has time to switch banks?

So, now you are thinking, who has the time to transfer to a new bank? Well, switching to takes less time than you think. Tangerine has something called the Switch Assistant that lets you move your pay, bills and pre-authorized payments faster than you can pick a movie to watch.  And, they will give you a $100 bonus when you do. The Tangerine Switch Assistant is a tool that automatically transfer all of your account activities, like payroll direct deposits, pre-authorized payments and bill payees, etc. The great part is that you get updates that let you know how the transfer is going. And you can transfer it all in about 15 minutes, which is a lot faster than doing it anywhere else.. There is even something called Switch Protection that will make sure that you don’t miss any payments during the transfer. And remember, when you switch you get a $100 bonus.

Here is a video that talks more about the campaign.

video pic



Learn more about saving

image twitter party

To me, understanding how I’m spending my money with my bank is great start to improving my savings. I’m really interested in learning how to save but also in a way that doesn’t take up a lot of time.  And, what better way to start saving by earning a $100 bonus?  What would you do with $100? Tangerine is hosting a Twitter Party on Wednesday, September 2nd at 8pm ET to share ways and tips on how you can save money. You should join in on the conversation by following @TangerineBank, using the hashtag #ForwardBanking and for live tweets, photos, videos and more, check out the Twubs site @

Hope to see you there!

Saving money can be easy with Tangerine #ForwardBanking

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#EatMoreStars and Get More Points #GuidingStarsCA #Loblaws

#EatMoreStars and Get More Points #GuidingStarsCA #Loblaws

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