What Countries Have the Most Work to Do? #COP21

One of my goals in life is trying to live a simpler life. And that can manifest itself in a lot of ways. But one in particular that’s really been at the forefront of my mind, thanks to the conference in Paris last month on climate change, is our family’s carbon footprint.

North America has one of the highest carbon emissions per capita (along with Australia and parts of the Middle-East). The convenience of driving in our cars to the grocery store, or turning up the heat when it’s too cold, all adds up to create our carbon footprint.

The goal of the Paris Agreement was to discuss what countries can do to reduce carbon emissions, and reduce the overall average global temperature. Because if the average temperature continues to rise it could affect weather, icecaps, our oceans, as well as crop growth.

I look forward to reading more about the positive impact the Paris Agreement has on climate change, and how leaders will help implement a climate action plan.

If you and your family have already taken steps to reduce your carbon footprint, share it in the comments below.

What Countries Have the Most Work to Do? #COP21

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What Countries Have the Most Work to Do? #COP21

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